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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is DPG?
    DPG is an IPA solely owned and governed by dentists which was formed to assist its members in navigating the ever-changing managed care environment.

  2. What is an IPA and how does it work?
    Generally, an IPA is an Independent Provider Association which consists of a network of providers, solo and group practitioners, in a region or community who agree to participate in an association that will contract with managed care plans and vendors for the benefit of the each of the IPA members.

  3. What are some other IPAs and what has their success been?
    DPG is not reinventing the wheel; other medical brethren have been using this resource for years. Several IPAs in Georgia have been successfully operating for decades. We believe that DPG will be the first Dental IPA in Georgia but that is because dentistry has not had the same exposure to managed care that other medical providers have had.

  4. What is the primary function if the IPA?
    Through DPG, dentists retain professionals that will represent them in the managed care environment which will allow dentists to focus on what they love: taking care of their patients.

  5. Can the IPA collective bargain for me?
    No. DPG uses a Messenger Model for contracting. Through the messenger model, rates are disseminated to each dental practice and each member then has to individually accept/reject reimbursements. DPG can negotiate the contractual language of a group agreement. The last few months have demonstrated that contract language is as important as any fee schedule.

  6. Will being a member of DPG put me at risk for Anti-Trust Violations?
    No. DPG has secured the national law firm of McGuire Woods and the administrative services of Strategic HealthCare Partners, LLC. Both of these organizations have extensive experience in forming and managing IPAs. It will be through their oversight that we will insure compliance with all regulatory matters. Sadly, those entities that want to control our practice like to scare us with anti-trust regulations.

  7. Why do others discourage membership in DPG?
    Thatís a great question with no definitive answer. DPG was born out of the frustration of providers who needed help in managing their managed care relationships. All DPG members want to continue to provide care to their patients and those who oppose the success of DPG must have alternative motives.

  8. Do I need to continue being a member of GDA and GDS?
    Yes. DPG is not intended to be a political action group; it is an administrative organization that will be an extension of your practices.

  9. What else can an IPA do besides contracting?
    IPAs can offer a multitude of benefits to its members. Other successful IPAs have developed malpractice programs, other insurance programs for its members, and Group Purchasing programs such as the DPG agreement with Henry Schein. Remember that DPG belongs to its members and it will grow based on the needs of its members.

  10. Wonít all of this go away if Georgia adopts a dental carve out or eliminates the CMOs anyway?
    No. Managed care is here to stay. The only guarantees that we have now is that we will see constant change for the rest of our practice lives.

  11. Does DPG have the support of dentists in the state?
    Currently, DPG members practice in 30+ counties throughout Georgia.

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